Student Network North - South


The student network North - South is conceived as a medium of communication, the
Exchanges and cooperation between students from countries of the global north and
global south.
It begins its work initially in three countries where we have adequate personal
experience and in which we work within the framework of our other foundation work.
In addition to Germany, these are the two countries Kenya and Cambodia.
We start our work in these three countries, but of course we are open to other partners
other countries, when contact and initiative comes from them.


The student network is aimed at students from these three countries and not exclusively
schools, even if it is open to them. It is thus intended for projects, initiatives
and ideas from students from these three countries who get in touch with each other and themselves
exchange, cooperate or develop other forms of mutual cooperation would like.
Focus is next to the exchange of information about each other especially in the
implementation of individual projects, whether in direct cooperation or at least mutual idea.


We are guided by the 17 Global Sustainability Goals of the United Nations and
promote and develop projects that relate to one or more of these goals.
Our work in the student network has two directions. First, the level of international
cooperation, promotion and networking. The other is the work on regional and
nationwide level with school groups, projects, clubs, schools and others with
students are involved in institutions.

The international level is based on our other activities within the Wild Land - Wild
Spirit Foundation in the two countries of Kenya and Cambodia and the resulting
contacts to student and school projects in these countries.

The regional and nationwide level is based on our educational work in the

Center for Global Sustainability Darmstadt and in other as part of the student network developed and
implemented educational offers and projects in the region of Darmstadt and all over Germany.