Our Sponsorship


We believe in the power of networking and collaboration.


We do not only merely fund diverse projects in varying regions on Earth; we also strive to contribute to building a global network, uniting projects in a common cause.  


There are nearly one million NGOs (Nongovernment organizations) around the world working for environmental and species protection, schooling and humanitarian aid, and enduring global change. More and more often, connections and collaborations come about, spanning the entire world via Internet and other media or directly, through volunteers working together on the project site.


We also see our work as joining in the effort to bring together dedicated people living and working in different regions all over this earth. We wish to contribute to merging nature conservation, species protection and social engagement projects, to interconnecting people from poverty-stricken countries with those from lands of plenty, to linking those people doing strenuous fieldwork for projects and organizations with those working in other capacities to bring about the so direly needed global change. We want to team up those people with the necessary means to fund and support others with those people who are in need.


Only when we all learn to work together, is there still hope that we can save the beauty and diversity of our planet!


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