What we do

Our focus is on creating models for future conservation.

So we deal with questions:

How can people and wildlife share a common environment?

How can corridors for wildlife be created through populated areas?


Often answers are easy to find but difficult to implement. So we are thinking and experimenting on solutions, creating transferable models for  at least parts of the solutions.


We believe that conservation of nature and species is not possible without integrating the local, often tribal population. If people live in poverty, without even the basic supply of food and water is guaranteed, without medical care and education, Natuschutz will not really work in these regions. Over the years, our focus has been more and more on helping these people in wildlife regions.

Our focus is more on the promotion of indigenous nature conservation projects, which, founded by tribal communities themselves, aim to preserve their own culture, to protect ecosystems and to secure the existence of wild animals.


We have been working on first projects in South East Asia for some years and are now working in Kenya. Information on this can be found on our project page Wildlife and People.