Keystone Species


 "Keystone species" are animals that play a major role in ecosystems and whose disappearance would be at least a severe impairment for the entire ecosystem. Keystone species are often large carnivores, but it can also be the design of the landscape particularly formative large herbivores. They are usually large mammals. This means that protecting Keystone Species or taking the necessary measures to maintain whole ecosystems and secure a sustainable future for countless other living things is possible.

Keystone species are often known to many people and are often popular with people who love nature conservation and the preservation of habitats.

We want to do our part to save some of the world's largest and most fascinating mammals from extinction and preserve their habitats. Our focus is on elephants and big cats.

We support organizations and projects working to protect these "key species" in different regions of the world. Our focus is on indigenous nature conservation projects, as we believe that strengthening these projects can be an important step in future nature conservation.