Wildlife and People


Wildlife and People is the Kenya project of the Wild Land - Wild Spirit Foundation.
Our work in Kenya focuses on the question of how nature and species protection can be implemented in rural, agricultural regions together with the local population, how local village communities can do their own conservation work and how forest ecosystems can be protected or restored.
In Kenya, around 70% of wildlife populations outside protected areas are located in human-populated areas and conflicts between humans and wildlife are commonplace. The pressure on existing protected areas through poaching, illegal logging and overgrazing is growing with increasing population.
People who are hungry or live from hand to mouth and are daily concerned with the survival of their own family, can usually give no priority to nature conservation in their lives and are receptive to the tempting offers of the "animal mafia" for a few pounds of ivory pay more than you can only earn in many years.
Above all, our work is dedicated to people, often indigenous groups and small local village communities, in and between the wild animal regions. Only if it succeeds in improving their living situation will it be possible to actively involve them in the preservation of their habitat and the protection of wild animals.

We have been working on a project in Kenya since 2017. The focus here is on wildlife / human conflicts and the development of solutions, the protection of remaining forest areas and their renaturation and networking. The focus is on supporting local village communities with simple technologies, reforestation and school-based education on sustainability and nature conservation.


More information can be found on our project page Wildlife and People.