Community based wildlife and forest conservation


Our work combines global forest conservation topics, species protection, the protection of indigenous peoples' land rights and local village communities, and their active involvement in conservation work.




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We are working with two projects in Africa and doing additional educational and information work in Germany.

1. The Forest Guardians Network

The idea is to familiarize forest conservation projects, both indigenous communities and small local communities living in the forests, with Western organizations, institutions and individuals, and to support individual, preferably indigenous, projects in this work.
We work globally on these topics, but our focus is on the forest regions of Africa. In West Kenya we are building up our own project. In Germany, we make educational offers, tree planting projects and other events on the subject to institutions, organizations, schools, etc. To attract institutions and individuals as network partners.
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2. Wildlife and People Project Kenya

We work with our own project in the forest regions of western Kenya on the restoration of forest ecosystems, human / wildlife coexistence and nature conservation with local communities. We are developing models of how to re-emerge forests through so-called food forests, how to reduce human / wildlife conflicts, create wildlife corridors, and how to improve people's lives.

In the Bungoma region we are developing a village project and planting a food forest (permaculture). We provide extracurricular education and help with simple technologies (
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Complementary education and information work in Germany

It is our special concern to actively involve people from the richer industrialized countries in the preservation of the global ecosystems and the protection of the wild animals living there, because our consumption behavior is already actively involved in their destruction.
We do educational events, lectures and exhibitions on global forest topics and indigenous peoples and above all on our work in Africa.

In order to involve young people, we have founded the student network North-South.
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