Our Projects


From our work on the topics of forests, species protection and indigenous village communities in Africa and previously also in Asia and North America and the integration of these topics in our educational work in Germany, three projects were created.


1. Forests, Elephants and People

Forests, Elephants and People deals with forest and species protection with the involvement of the local population in some of the elephant regions of Africa and Asia. This project is the focus of our work.
We deal with the possibilities of peaceful coexistence between humans and wild animals, the protection and renaturation of forests, the creation of wildlife corridors, assistance for the local population and, above all, the implementation of nature conservation projects together with village communities, local organizations and indigenous groups.

With our work we want to create a basis on which nature and species conservation projects can develop sustainably. That means creating better living conditions for people in the wildlife and corridor regions, securing their land rights and access to qualified education.


Wildlife and People - Kenia is our project "on site" in Western Kenya and a subproject of

Forests, Elephants and People.
Here we are working on the development and implementation of models of how degradation processes and urban sprawl can be reversed.
Food security, the improvement of people's living conditions and the creation of biotopes and wildlife corridors with the help of so-called "food forests" are our topics. Connected to our Food Forest village project is the establishment of a mobile environmental school.

Links to Websites and films  of other organizations in Africa, to indigenous NGOs and forest conservation projects.

Link to the website of  Forests, Elephants and People.



2. The Forest Guardians Network

Just as large parts of the global economy are in the hands of a few multinational corporations, international nature conservation is largely divided between a few large nature conservation organizations. Small, so-called "grass roots organizations", which often do brilliant work, are left out.

With the Forest Guardians Network we want to break new ground in nature conservation by creating opportunities to participate directly in our project work. We would like to build a network of nature and climate protectionists with us (Germany / EU) and forest protection organizations in the remaining primeval forests of the world in order to save the forests together and thereby make a contribution to climate protection.


We want to do nature conservation with people
of forests and wildlife benefits people in the primeval forests.
Take part - become a Forest Guardian!


Links to indigenous forest conservation

Links to Forest Guardians Network.


3. Sei der Wandel - Be the Change

"Sei der Wandel - Be the Change" is aimed at young people, both in countries of the global north (Germany / EU) and in the global south, to give them opportunities to work together and to contribute to global, sustainable change.