About us

The Wild Land - Wild Spirit Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Modautal, Germany.


With our work we would like to contribute to the preservation of wilderness areas, the protection of the wild animals living there ("Wild Land") and the protection of land rights and the active inclusion of the indigenous peoples and local village communities resident there.
It is important to us to understand the ecological and spiritual knowledge ("Wild Spirit") of these people who are closely connected to nature as an important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity and to a global change geared towards sustainability, and therefore to preserve and promote it.
The focus of our work is on global forest regions, the focus of work in Africa.
For us, "Wild Spirit" also means a change in consciousness geared towards ecologically sustainable values, as is evident in many young people in the consumer and profit-oriented industrial nations.
Promoting this is important to us.
Part of our work is to bring people from the new environmental and climate protection movement into contact with indigenous conservationists from other continents and to create new things together.



"We have a special responsibility for the planet's ecosystem.

By protecting other species, we ensure our own survival."
Wangari Maathai, Kenyan environmental activist and
Nobel Peace Prize winner. Founder of the "Green Belt Movement".

Founder Klaus D. Berger has been traveling in many forest regions of the world for more than forty years and was involved in forest protection initiatives in Northern Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand and Cambodia. Many contacts and friendships connect him with people from different indigenous peoples.

The topic of elephant protection brought him first to Asia and finally to East Africa, where he works with our Kenyan wife and second chair of the foundation, Valentine Nyangasi Khasakhala, in our foundation project.